About The Cheese Set

The cheese set is a group of friends, all professionals in their fields, all passionate about the artisan cheese industry. Their aim is to assist growth in the sector.

In the Autumn of 2019 Eric, Paul, Francis and Andrew began to think how a perceived need for business assistance within the industry might be addressed. Paul had been technical consultant for Gimblett Cheese since 2014. Back then Francis had sought a specialist consultant for help with broader business, finance and marketing issues specific to the artisan cheese industry but found no individual or company to approach. He and wife Pam learned the hard way, by asking favours, through research and with trial and error. Eric later assisted the couple with consultancy for an associated project and was persuaded that it might be an idea to offer a specialism to the artisan cheese business. Eric spent six months interviewing cheesemakers and compiling research to help him assist both start-up and established artisan cheesemakers with their business matters. Andrew and Francis had been working on a variety of projects fusing technology and tasting since 2007, so Andrew’s skills in branding, design and understanding of technology were a natural fit for the Set.

The Set is dynamic and will evolve to encompass others with skills pertinent to the sector.

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