Business Health Check & Wellbeing Service

Business Health Check & Wellbeing Service

Our Business Health Check & Wellbeing Service is an independent review of every facet of your business including: Products; Market Channels; Customers; Marketing; Supply Chain; Resilience; People; Branding.

What could this give you?

  • Improved profitability.
  • Sustainability within your business.
  • Long term financial security.
  • Assured succession planning.
  • More time to do the things you enjoy doing.

How can we help you achieve your goals?


An independent review of your business including its customers, market channels, marketing and branding, story, products, supply chain, processes, people and resilience.


A balanced assessment of what is working well and what should be improved.


Detailed guidance on where to focus attention, what actions are needed and what benefits you should expect from effective execution.


The clarity you need to make informed decisions, take decisive action and monitor your progress.

How much?

It depends upon the size and complexity of your business, but our entry-level Business Health Check and Wellbeing Service starts at £2,495.

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Cheesemaking consultancy

This is where it all starts. Nothing is more important than your product and getting the best out of your ingredients, recipes and processes ensures you have a solid foundation on which to build a growing, long-lasting business.

Every cheesemaker is different but whether you're big or small, established or new, we all share a passion for cheese. We'll help you with whatever aspect of your cheesemaking requires assistance. Perhaps there's something you know need to improve or perhaps there are things you've not considered before.

Our job is to help you produce the best product possible and with decades of experience, that's what we'll help you achieve.

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Business consultancy

When your passion is in the making it can often be difficult to find similar levels of enthusiasm for the business element. The reality is, not unlike the cheesemaking itself, in order to mature and improve, your business needs managing, nurturing and careful control.

Finding and keeping your team, managing your business plan, careful controlling of finances and knowing how and when to invest time and money is all a large part of what we can help with.

What may surprise you is there are creative solutions to many business problems and, with a strong direction and plan, the business side of being a cheesemaker needn't be a strain. The Cheese Set can help with every facet of it.

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Branding consultancy

When we see a company brand or product packaging, we instinctively form countless opinions before we've even tasted a piece of cheese.

A good brand can tell a story. Your entire history and ethos can be evoked in the logo, design, marketing materials, website and packaging to help form an idea in people's minds before they've even taken a bite from your cheese.

A brand can be serious or playful; slick or traditional. There are no rules beyond just creating whatever works best for you and the market you want to target.

From logos to packaging; advertising to websites, The Cheese Set can produce and manage every element of your brand ensuring a coherent, holistic approach that will encompass everything from palette to palate.

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Marketing consultancy

In a market full of makers vying for attention, supermarkets driving down prices, large makers flooding the market, and the difficulty of being seen online, marketing can seem like an uphill struggle.

Perhaps the most obvious aspects of marketing would involve online and social media strategies but there's so much more to it than that.

We will assist in every facet of marketing from getting your products in front of the right people to finding new markets you've not considered.

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