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Free webinar: Adjusting to a New Artisan Cheese World

30 Jun 2020, 17:00

COVID-19 has changed the world. Very few industries have been able to survive without adjusting and the artisan cheese industry is no different.

Producers have found themselves with stocks of cheese they’re unable to sell to restaurants, dairies with milk being poured down the drain, fewer staff able to work, and a public hungry for quality cheese but unaware where to look beyond their local supermarket.

It would be easy to dwell on the negative but there is enormous opportunity for the industry. New relationships can be forged between cheesemakers, dairies, cheesemongers and consumers.

In the first of our online forums we will discuss how to seize the opportunity by connecting the dots and seeing how we can work together to come out from the crisis stronger than ever.

Joining The Cheese Set are well-respected, knowledgeable - often outspoken! - members of the community ready to share their stories and answer any questions you have. It's likely to be interesting, entertaining, thought-provoking and lively!

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Topics to be discussed
  • Robustness and Sustainability
    How has COVID-19 changed the business of artisan cheese and what changes are businesses making to contribute to their future robustness and sustainability?
  • Market Pressures
    How can businesses adjust production to adapt to market pressures?
  • Reviewing alternative routes to market
    What alternative routes to market exist for artisan cheesemakers and what measures could be made to strengthen cheesemakers’ access to market, sustainability and profitability?


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A recording will be made available soon.